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Released: September 2022

The year 2022 saw the release of a new Andrew Farstar album: “Nostalgia”. This album is a collection of 12 memorable songs from the years past. There are quite a few much loved and famous songs which will please thousands of Andrew’s fans and listeners all over the world.


In this album, Andrew showcases his signature smooth vocals and his ability to sing in different languages. You will hear Andrew sing in English, Spanish, Japanese and Indonesian.


Some of the songs are:

  1. -       Chamomile Tea – Andrew’s most popular song on Spotify, penned by Dana Paul Robinson.
  2. -       Besame Mucho – arguably the most famous Spanish song to date.
  3. -       Bengawan Solo – a very famous Indonesian folk song.
  4. -       Amayadori – a Japanese song of 80s Japanese Pop star Mayumi Itsuwa.
  5. -       Christie – a song from a horror movie of the 80s.
  6. -       Boulevard – an 80s Pop song that was quite famous in Asia.


These are just a few of the songs you will find in the album. Many fans and listeners will be familiar with other songs as well. So check the new album “Nostalgia” on your favourite streaming platform!

Released: April 2021

The year 2021 saw the release of “Memories” – the new album by Andrew Farstar. This album is a collection of songs from years past that listeners will recognize. Some of them are also songs from popular movies.


This album is a follow up of Andrew’s album from last year, “Classics”, that has a similar theme to “Memories”. The latter will take you back to your own unforgettable memories.


Some highlights:

  1. -       “Just the Way You are” (popularized by Billy Joel)
  2. -       “We’re All Alone” (popularized by Boz Scaggs/Rita Coolidge)
  3. -       “Don’t Ask the Reason Why” (from “The Secret of My Success” 80s movie) – this is the alternative guitar version
  4. -       “I Can Wait Forever” (an Air Supply cover from the movie “Ghostbusters”)
  5. -       “Never On Sunday” (from an old Oscar-winning Greek movie)
  6. -       “You’ve Got a Friend” (popularized by Carole King)
  7. -       “Les Feuilles Mortes” (or “Autumn Leaves” from a popular French movie)
  8. -       “My Funny Valentine” (a popular Jazz standard of Chet Baker)


As always, Andrew gives his unique interpretation with style and a smooth vocal tone. Ranging from Pop to Jazz, this album will satisfy all music lovers. Check out “Memories” now on your favourite streaming platforms!



Released: February 2020

After a successful year in 2019, where Andrew Farstar reached thousands of listeners on Spotify, and had his song placed in the Top 10 of US radio chart, reaching almost a million radio listeners, he is now reaching new heights with the release of his new album titled “Classics”.


“Classics” is a collection of classic songs over the past decades. In this album, Andrew showcases his unique smooth voice and his unique interpretations of the hits of Dionne Warwick, Phil Collins, Dusty Springfield, Carpenters, Elton John and Burt Bacharach, to name a few.


In this album, listeners will find a variety of styles from Jazz to Pop featuring “Top of the World” and “I Don’t Want to Lose Your Love”, which are currently being played on some radio stations in the United States.


If you are a fan of quality cover songs, this album will not disappoint.


“Andrew Farstar revamps Carpenters classic with a fresh jazz rendition…his fresh new cover of "Top of the World" bridges the divide between an old-school classic sound and contemporary jazz …stunning voice… Farstar performs it with a charged authenticity…” – Jazz Corner 

Released: April 2019

Andrew Farstar, Pop & Smooth Jazz singer and songwriter, who is best known for his song “I Don’t Want to Lose Your Love” releases his new album “Hymns & Inspiration”, this Spring just in time for Easter.


So why a hymns album? “I want to connect with the Christian audience out there. As a Christian, I grew up with these songs…it is just natural for me to explore this music and to interpret these classic numbers” Andrew says.


“I love the Old English words in hymns. They sound elegant and poetic to me. Some of these songs have also given me peace and comfort in difficult times and I hope these songs will also do the same for my listeners. Life can be painful and full of suffering, but let these songs remind us about God’s love and grace, which will guide us through it all…” Andrew continues.


In this album, Andrew showcases his ability as a music producer, singer and songwriter. Singing from Pop to Classical style, his smooth voice flows quite naturally throughout the album, which also contains a few of his own compositions.


“I always put my heart and soul into my music projects” Andrew explains. “In this album I just felt the need to be in both Pop style and Classical style and I adjust the way I sing them according to the demands of the music”


More than a year in the making, this album shines a fresh perspective with new interpretations of old favourites. Christian listeners will be quite familiar with some of the pieces in the album such as: “It Is Well With My soul”, “Abide With Me” and “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”.


“Hymns & Inspiration” is available now in both digital and CD format.

Released: December 2017

After thousands of Youtube views and radio airplays in Europe and North America plus thousands of Spotify streams, Andrew Farstar is releasing his second album. Known as a singer songwriter with smooth voice, Andrew has transformed his style from a more “adult oriented” music of Jazz and Pop AC to reach younger fans.


Metamorphosis is a change of direction of Farstar’s music with the emphasis on edgy Pop sound and the trendy EDM. Farstar has previously flirted a little with these genres of music but now he put them all together in this album which also features all of his original materials.


Asked why he changed his music direction now, Farstar replies: “Well, this album is more like a proclamation of my eclectic taste in music. I had a lot of fun making the album and experimenting with new sounds…”


Working with different producers from US and Europe for this album, Farstar’s new album sounds like a mixture of Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth and Maroon 5, proving that  he is not afraid to new musical adventures and territories.


In this album Farstar collaborated with Dylan (a young L.A. Hip Hop artist) and Yuri (a Japanese female vocalist, on the Japanese version of “My Infatuation”). There’s even the sound of Gregorian chant in his song “Love Is”.


Metamorphosis is unique, not only that it will please younger listener but also older ones as some of the lyrics in his songs show some maturity, not just having fun and parties.


Released: October 2020

This song was made popular in the 1970s by Boz Scaggs and then by Rita Coolidge. A ballad love song with the theme of loneliness and lost love.


Andrew produced this song in a gentle arrangement using gorgeous acoustic guitar and strings orchestra along with his signature smooth vocal, full of texture and emotion.

Released: September 2020


Les Feuilles Mortes" is a French song from an old French movie. It is also known as "Autumn Leaves" (made popular by Nat King Cole). This is one of the most loved Jazz standard songs in the world.This release signifies Andrew's first French song that he has ever recorded. With lush string orchestra arrangement and very soulful Flugelhorn, Andrew performes this number so beautifully. 

"i feel compelled to sing this song in its original language as it sounds more romantic..." says Andrew.


(3 Versions)
Released: July - August 2020

This is the soundtrack of 1960 award winning movie. Originally in Greek and translated into English and covered by top artists.


The movie is a romantic comedy story of an American gentleman with a “naughty” Greek lady.


To update this song into the 21st century, a UK producer whose music has entered Billboard and European charts with millions of streams on Spotify has worked with Andrew to produce this song.


The result is a very catchy, cutting edge Pop sound with killer intro and interlude.


2 remixes also released for this song (cover art not shown here). They are the "Latin Dance Mix" and the "Party Animal Mix".

Released: June 2020

Fans of Chet Baker's music will be pleased to hear this new version of his famous song "My Funny Valentine" by Andrew Farstar.
Andrew's smooth voice and texture fits in very well in this very smooth arrangement of Jazz music. Promising a chill and relax mood in a romantic setting...

Released: May 2020

"You've Got a Friend" is a Carole King song from her album "Tapestry". This popular song has been covered my many artists. Andrew recorded his version for this song in a smooth Bossanova Jazz style and performs it in a gentle and smooth sound. This version will be a great track to add in a chill-out and soothing playlist.
MY INFATUATION (Love Vibration) - Radio Edit
Released: April 2020
This is the radio edit version for "My Infatuation (Love Vibration)" - the original song of Andrew Farstar.
Released: April 2020

This is an Air supply song from the famous 80s movie “Ghostbusters”. It is most loved by music fans especially in Asia.


This time Andrew Farstar has recorded his version for this David Foster/Jay Graydon song with his unique style and sound. Done in dramatic orchestral piano style, this song has been taken into new heights and will touch the heart and soul of many listeners.


Released: March 2020

The original version of this song is from the movie “The Secret of My Success” from the 80s and originally performed by Restless Heart. Written by David Foster, one of the top music producers in the world.


The song has a message of hope, encouragement and positivity.

Released: January 2020

This is one of Elton John’s classic number that has been covered by so many artists. This time, Andrew Farstar sings this classic piece with his signature smooth vocal giving it his unique perspective. While the arrangement is just a simple yet gorgeous acoustic guitar, the performance is top notch and will please good music lovers everywhere
Released: November 2019

This is an adaptation of Beethoven’s Sonata Pathetique with additional original parts by Andrew Farstar. Sung with UK opera singer Caroline Joy, this Classical Crossover number will please fans of this genre alike.

STARS WON'T LIE (My Destiny)
Released: October 2019

This is a duet version of Andrew’s original composition “Stars Won’t Lie”


Sandra Bullet, the duet partner for this song lends her lovely vocal that blends wonderfully with Andrew’s smooth voice resulting in another lovely Pop Ballad number from Andrew Farstar.


Released: August 2019

This is the Spanish version of Andrew’s original song “I Will Always Love You” which has received rave reviews from a few music blogs and received heavy radio airplays in France and Belgium a while ago with hundreds and hundreds of spins.


About the making of this song, Andrew says: “I actually was going to have this song in Spanish in the beginning… and only now that I finally have the opportunity to realize that vision”


Now, as a duet with Zulima Fleitas, this piece will capture listeners with even more charms and elegance - perfect for a chill out Jazz or Latin playlist. Their voices combined together so smoothly like a glass of Pina Colada, ready to satisfy the thirst of Smooth Jazz and Latin Jazz music lovers.



Released: June 2019

Chamomile Tea is a song composed by Dana Paul Robinson, an American Jazz and Musical composer. He is also known for his clever use of words in his compositions as well as interesting melodies.


This version of the song by Andrew Farstar will fit really well into a playlist to chill and relax. “Chamomile Tea” is fun, cheerful and light-hearted.


Although this song seems to talk about various types of drinks on the surface, some listeners would easily be able to interpret this as a metaphor about your fond feeling for that special someone that you love. 

Released: March 2019

Day By Day is one of the most well known hymns in the world. This hymn was written by Carolina Sandell – a 19th century Swedish poet and gospel hymns author.


This year Andrew Farstar has recorded his version of this most beloved hymn in a modern style while still being faithful to the original melodies. With strong guitars and synth, the hymn has been brought into a new light and fresh perspective. The wonderful gospel flavoured backing vocals also bring out the charm of this piece.

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Released: July 2018

Soulful, heartfelt and full of emotion are the words to describe this powerful ballad number by Andrew Farstar. Arguably his best performance to date, his interpretation of “A House Is Not A Home” (a famous Bacharach and David song) has taken this song into a new level


Over the past year, Andrew Farstar’s singles “I Don’t Want to Lose Your Love” and “When You Look In My Eyes” have been well received by fans and listeners all over the world.


Andrew also produced the music for this song in a style that is definitely smooth and powerful at the same time. If you like Michael Buble or Josh Groban, you will definitely like this new release by Andrew Farstar.
Released: June 2018

As a singer songwriter known for his smooth voice, Andrew Farstar has taken “Sealed With A Kiss” into a new level by interpreting this classic song in Jazz Bossanova style.


The song was made famous by Brian Hyland in the 60s, then by Bobby Vinton in the 70s and Jason Donovan in the 80s. Now, music fans will enjoy this new version by Andrew Farstar with his smooth and sultry delivery. Perfect for a relaxing night with a candlelight…

Released: May 2018

“Walk On By” is arguably one of the most famous songs written and composed by Burt Bacharach and Hal David – the legendary songwriters from the 1960s and 1970s whose songs have been popularized mostly by the one and only Dionne Warwick.


Andrew Farstar’s rendition of this song has given new fresh sound, yet still faithful to the original. Andrew has transformed this 60s Pop song into an almost Chill Out Bossanova number.


Lending his smooth sultry vocals, Andrew proves that he can bring new perspective to “Walk On By” and takes it into a new height.

Released: May 2018

“The Moon Represents My Heart” is arguably the famous and most loved Chinese Pop Song. Released in the 1970s and popularized by Teresa Teng (the Barbra Streisand of Chinese music), this song has appealed to the Asian public as well as in the West.


Many western artists have recorded and included this song in their repertoire. From Katherine Jenkins to Jon Bon Jovi are some of the big names you can find.


This time, Andrew Farstar has recorded his own version of this famous song. With his smooth sultry vocal performance, backed by beautiful orchestral arrangement in the background, makes this song sounds so sweet

Released: Feb. 2018

This is a cover version of the top 60's hit "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" made famous by Dusty Springfield.


The arrangement is of Jazz/Blues arrangement that sounds very energetic, modern but still true to the song's essence. You can hear Andrew's performance here that is full of soul and emotion.


Regarding the making process of this single, Farstar has worked with a top class audio engineer to handle the mixing for this song. Here's a quote from Andrew: "...I have been working with my mixing engineer David who has worked with Aretha Franklin, Leonard Cohen, John Mayer and Jennifer Lopez just to name a few. I feel very privileged to have this opportunity to work with him..."


Released: Feb. 2018

A Big Band/Jazz version of the famous song by The Carpenters. This is quite a fresh take of this famous classic song.


You can hear how Farstar’s vocal performance on this song really getting into the mood of Swing Jazz with his clever yet sweet interpretation.


Released: Oct. 2017

The month of October saw a new single release by Andrew Farstar titled "I Don't Want to Lose Your Love".

This song is Andrew Farstar’s tribute to John O’Banion – the original performer of this past hit. Farstar’s take on this song is both fresh and edgy, while still faithful to the song’s soul. The prominent sound of electric guitars brings this music into Pop-Rock territory.

Released: Sept. 2017

Amyadori is a Japanese song made popular by Mayumi Itsuwa, who is known as the “Carole King” of Japan. Andrew Farstar revisits this song in a totally new and fresh interpretation by combining traditional and modern elements in the musical arrangement.


This project demonstrates Andrew’s capability in singing in different languages. So far he has sung in English, Italian and Chinese, and now in Japanese. “I hope my Japanese fans will like this song…” says Farstar, who is also planning to sing in different languages in the future.


Andrew produced this song himself working together with talented musicians from US and Europe creating a catchy and edgy sound that will definitely please his younger fans. As a versatile singer-songwriter, this project has added more variety to his repertoire which ranges from Jazz and Pop to Classical Crossover.