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Andrew Farstar has released more videos on Youtube in the past weeks including “Goodbye Is Not Forever” and “Unforgettable” music video. Just click on the Youtube link below to view them.


Andrew’s songs from his new album are currently playing on radio stations in Europe and North America with the favourite song “I Will Always Love You” being the most played so far.


We are also planning to release Andrew Farstar’s album in China in May. This version will have a special newly recorded famous Chinese pop song.


Meanwhile, the dance remix of “Goodbye Is Not Forever” (DJ Michael Russo Radio Mix) has also been released a few days ago. Please check them out at your digital stores or streaming services.


Andrew is often called “Indie artist with major label sound” because of his unique artistry to produce pleasing sound of music. Although he is into Jazz and Pop a lot but he is not afraid to venture into other genres of music where he styles his voice accordingly.


Thank you for all your support for Andrew Farstar and his music. Stay tuned…


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