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Hey everyone…


Hope you are all doing well. Many of you must be getting busy preparing for Christmas and holiday season this year. I would like to wish you all the best for Christmas and the holiday season.


I have written and recorded a few songs for my new album due to be released on February 14th next year. I have also been busy finalizing the album as they include many of the songs that have been released so far but with fresh mix and mastering. You will hear the difference soon!


One of the songs I recorded recently called “Unforgettable”. This song was inspired by the arrival of new babies in many of my friends and family’s lives. A baby is like a symbol of hope for many and I captured this inspiration in this happy song.


I have also recorded a cover song which was written by Dana Paul Robinson, an American gentleman who approached me personally and asked me to consider singing one of his songs. It was quite an honour and privilege for me to have this opportunity.


So far dozens of radio stations are playing my Dusty Springfield cover song in Europe and North America. I welcome your feedback and suggestions of which songs that I have released should be promoted on my next radio promotion.


Once again Merry Christmas and happy holiday to you all my fans and I will speak to you all in the new year.


Best wishes,



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