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Hey everyone…


Hope you are all doing well. Many of you must be getting busy preparing for Christmas and holiday season this year. I would like to wish you all the best for Christmas and the holiday season.


I have written and recorded a few songs for my new album due to be released on February 14th next year. I have also been busy finalizing the album as they include many of the songs that have been released so far but with fresh mix and mastering. ...

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For those of you who may be wondering why Andrew's Facebook page is no longer there, here is the answer...

Andrew has decided not to have a Facebook page at this time as it is so hard to navigate on Facebook with very limited vision. Even with various visual aid and software, it is still a huge task to do for him. He would spend 4 to 5 times longer than people with normal vision just to navigate and post something on Facebook. It is a hard decision but it is probably the best for now.

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I recently finished the song “Being Human”. This song was inspired by the dynamics of human relationships that I observe all around me. All of us humans, we need each other…However, sometimes along the way in our lives, we can make mistakes. We learn from our mistakes. We will experience up and down in many aspects of our lives also. Sometimes we are on the high, sometimes we are on the low…


Whatever it is that we are experiencing right ...

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Hi everyone!

Recently I recorded a new song titled "Goodbye is Not Forever". This song represents some aspects of my story. I lost my father and brother a number of years ago, then followed by other family, relatives and friends who passed away in different circumstances. The latest ones were the death of my brother-in-law and a lady-friend of mine. Both were caused by cancer in late 2015.

Even if I could mention, I have also lost a number of pets over the years. Dogs ...

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