Andrew  V John

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(released on February 14, 2017)

This is Andrew Farstar’s debut album featuring both original and cover songs including “Top of the World” (The Carpenters), “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” (Dusty Springfield) and “Walk On By” (Dionne Warwick).


Farstar’s music has been likened to Michael Buble and Michael Franks meet Air Supply. A blend of smooth Jazz and soft Rock / Adult Contemporary…but listeners will notice other interesting musical styles in this album.


“Top of the World” has been transformed into a pleasant big band tune, while “Walk On By” is now a soothing bossanova number. “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” has been transformed into a jazzy pop rendition with a haunting interlude never previously included by other artists.


Listeners will agree that there are no fillers in this album. The songs written and composed by Farstar himself are evidence of this. They include: “Unforgettable”, “Follow Your Heart”, “I Will Always Love You”, “Stars Won’t Lie” and “Goodbye is Not Forever”.


Farstar’s vocals flow easily from gentle to strong and from pop to operatic in many different styles.


There is also a different rendition of “Chamomile Tea” a song composed by Dana Paul Robinson. While a famous Beethoven melody from Sonata Pathetique has been turned into a lovely Classical Crossover duet.


On the album cover insert, Farstar has written about his inspiration and thoughts for each of the songs in this album. In short, every song is unique and has been produced sensitively.

GOODBYE IS NOT FOREVER (DJ Michael Russo Radio Mix) - Single
Released on May 15, 2017
This is a dance remix version of the ballad "Goodbye Is Not Forever". Dj Michael Russo has turned this slow wonderful ballad into an EDM powerhouse that will sure keep your feet tapping on the floor!
Check it out at your favourite digital stores or streaming services.


After flirting a little bit with the sound of Jazz in his previous releases, finally AVJ has gone “Full Jazz” in his new EP “My Infatuation”.

With 5 songs containing 3 famous cover songs and 2 original compositions, AVJ has soared into new heights in his musical career.

Ranging from Swing/Big Band to Smooth Jazz and Bossanova, AVJ delivers all the songs with warmth and emotion with his unique voice.

“Top of the World” – the biggest hit of The Carpenters has been transformed into a surprisingly pleasant Swing/Big Band number. While the old favourite of Bacharach & David’s “Walk on By” made famous by Dionne Warwick has also been transformed into a cool/ Chill Out Bossanova.

AVJ himself has written his own compositions with the infectious Smooth Jazz sounding of “My Infatuation” and the romantic Jazz Standard of “Lights of Paris”. The EP closes with the holiday favourite “Winter Wonderland”, presented in a sweet Big Band style.

This EP is a result of AVJ’s collaboration with Australian, American and European musicians. “My Infatuation” is arguably AVJ’s best work to date…


This is a cover version of the top 60's hit "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" made famous by Dusty Springfield. The arrangement is of Jazz/Blues arrangement that sounds very energetic, modern but still true to the song's essence. You can hear AVJ's performance here that is full of soul and emotion.

Regarding the making process of this single, AVJ has worked with a top class audio engineer to handle the mixing for this song. Here's a quote from AVJ: "...I have been working with my mixing engineer David who has worked with Aretha Franklin, Leonard Cohen, John Mayer and Jennifer Lopez just to name a few. I feel very privileged to have this opportunity to work with him..."

This is quite a nice follow-up from AVJ's second EP "Goodbye Is Not Forever" which has received rave reviews from various music magazines and blogs. This single is also a bit of departure from the usual music styles that AVJ does. He is now in the territory of Jazz and Blues and he seems to be very comfortable there


This is AVJ's second EP released in July 2016. Produced by Greg Giacona & Mikheil Rusishvili, this EP showcases AVJ's songwriting skills to a new level by his flirting with "edgy" pop sound and Celtic music. Highlights include: Goodbye Is Not Forever and Angel of My Life. Blending pop and classical elements, this is quite a unique EP to listen to.

Here's a quote from AVJ on the title track: "...Recently I recorded a new song titled "Goodbye is Not Forever". This song represents some aspects of my story. I lost my father and brother a number of years ago, then followed by other family, relatives and friends who passed away in different circumstances. The latest ones were the death of my brother-in-law and a lady-friend of mine. Both were caused by cancer in late 2015..."

This EP has received rave reviews from various music magazines and blogs. To read them, just go to "Press" page.



This is a single released in April 2016. Written by Andrew V John and produced by Greg Giacona. This is a retro R'nB smooth jazz song with inspirational lyrics. A light and catchy song to chill out.


This is Andrew's first EP released in March 2016. Blending pop, smooth jazz and some classical elements, Andrew wrote all the 4 songs with 2 of them borrowed the melodies of traditional and classical tunes (Bunessan & Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique). Produced by Greg Giacona (Worldwide Music Production, USA).