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Posted on May 18, 2017 at 1:50 AM Comments comments (0)

For the fans of David Foster, Toto or Jay Graydon, the latest release from Andrew Farstar will surely satisfy their thirst. This past underground West Coast hit has been revived by Andrew’s interpretation. With new arrangement - while staying faithful to the original - is pleasantly refreshing.


“This is one of my favourite songs for a long time. To finally singing it is like a dream come true to me. I also feel honoured to have worked with some talented musicians to create this music…” says Andrew.


Andrew’s smooth voice delivers this song as if it was especially written for him. While the piano as the main instrument here is played by Greg Giacona whose style is very much like David Foster. The result is a pure delight



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Andrew Farstar’s songs have been on dozens of radio stations (FM & Internet radio) in Europe and North America in the past weeks and reached more than 1,500 plays in total. Andrew is humbled by the support and grateful to those radio stations…


“I Will Always Love You” is the favourite by the stations, followed by “Goodbye Is Not Forever” and the dance mix of “Follow Your Heart”


Despite of how challenging it is for him, Andrew has also just joined Twitter. So if you are on Twitter, please follow him to receive the latest news and to have more interactions with Andrew. Just click on the Twitter account below and check it out.


A new single will be released on May 18th titled “When You Look in My Eyes” – more details will be announced soon. Stay tune…



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Andrew Farstar has released more videos on Youtube in the past weeks including “Goodbye Is Not Forever” and “Unforgettable” music video. Just click on the Youtube link below to view them.


Andrew’s songs from his new album are currently playing on radio stations in Europe and North America with the favourite song “I Will Always Love You” being the most played so far.


We are also planning to release Andrew Farstar’s album in China in May. This version will have a special newly recorded famous Chinese pop song.


Meanwhile, the dance remix of “Goodbye Is Not Forever” (DJ Michael Russo Radio Mix) has also been released a few days ago. Please check them out at your digital stores or streaming services.


Andrew is often called “Indie artist with major label sound” because of his unique artistry to produce pleasing sound of music. Although he is into Jazz and Pop a lot but he is not afraid to venture into other genres of music where he styles his voice accordingly.


Thank you for all your support for Andrew Farstar and his music. Stay tuned…



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The debut album from Andrew Farstar is now available everywhere. Please note that some retailers may not have the CD format due to some unexpected delays. You can purchase the CD on CD Baby or on this website. You can only purchase the signed copy from this website.

Go to the "Music" page to read more about this album. Make this album a success by sharing and spreading the word to all your contacts. Andrew is very grateful to all of his fans and would like to thank you all for your support.


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Happy New Year!


Hope you are all doing well and had a lovely holiday break. You might be a bit surprised with my new name. I thought I would let you know that from now on my artist name is Andrew Farstar.


I had to change my artist name out of necessity because there are quite a few other artists who have a very similar name to Andrew V John. I tried to shorten it into AVJ but a friend told me it sounds like a rap singer (which I am not)! So, to avoid confusion, I have made this change.


I have been busy preparing for my debut album release on this February 14 (Valentine’s day). You will be able to listen to the previews on YouTube soon. You can also purchase the CD at your local stores or from any other online store. Downloads and streaming are also available.


For those of you who want to purchase a signed copy of the CD, you can do so at my website. My new website address is: (available later).


I am excited to present you with a selection of songs that I enjoyed singing and producing. You can also read more about the album on the website.


Thanks to you all and please take care.


Andrew Farstar



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Hey everyone…


Hope you are all doing well. Many of you must be getting busy preparing for Christmas and holiday season this year. I would like to wish you all the best for Christmas and the holiday season.


I have written and recorded a few songs for my new album due to be released on February 14th next year. I have also been busy finalizing the album as they include many of the songs that have been released so far but with fresh mix and mastering. You will hear the difference soon!


One of the songs I recorded recently called “Unforgettable”. This song was inspired by the arrival of new babies in many of my friends and family’s lives. A baby is like a symbol of hope for many and I captured this inspiration in this happy song.


I have also recorded a cover song which was written by Dana Paul Robinson, an American gentleman who approached me personally and asked me to consider singing one of his songs. It was quite an honour and privilege for me to have this opportunity.


So far dozens of radio stations are playing my Dusty Springfield cover song in Europe and North America. I welcome your feedback and suggestions of which songs that I have released should be promoted on my next radio promotion.


Once again Merry Christmas and happy holiday to you all my fans and I will speak to you all in the new year.


Best wishes,




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Andrew's single "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" has been playing on both FM and Internet radios in France, United States, Russia and Canada in the recent weeks...Thank you for the kind support and hope more radios will add Andrew's music in their playlists. Fans can help by requesting Andrew's songs directly to radio stations via their websites or phone call and we will appreciate that very much!


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For those of you who may be wondering why Andrew's Facebook page is no longer there, here is the answer...

Andrew has decided not to have a Facebook page at this time as it is so hard to navigate on Facebook with very limited vision. Even with various visual aid and software, it is still a huge task to do for him. He would spend 4 to 5 times longer than people with normal vision just to navigate and post something on Facebook. It is a hard decision but it is probably the best for now.

The page might be re-launched in the future if situation permits. Andrew would like to apologize to any fans & others who enjoy to interact with him via Facebook who no longer be able to do so. However, you could still do so here on the website if you need to. Thank you for your understanding.


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I recently finished the song “Being Human”. This song was inspired by the dynamics of human relationships that I observe all around me. All of us humans, we need each other…However, sometimes along the way in our lives, we can make mistakes. We learn from our mistakes. We will experience up and down in many aspects of our lives also. Sometimes we are on the high, sometimes we are on the low…


Whatever it is that we are experiencing right now, it is part of being human living on this Earth. I am not trying to be philosophical about this, but sometimes we tend to ignore this reality of life until such time when something will remind us back to this realization.


This song is about “sharing” experiences and realization and hope for a better future. You will be able to listen to this song soon!



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Hi everyone!

Recently I recorded a new song titled "Goodbye is Not Forever". This song represents some aspects of my story. I lost my father and brother a number of years ago, then followed by other family, relatives and friends who passed away in different circumstances. The latest ones were the death of my brother-in-law and a lady-friend of mine. Both were caused by cancer in late 2015.

Even if I could mention, I have also lost a number of pets over the years. Dogs and cats that I loved so dearly. Some were old and sick, the others died in tragic accidents, etc. I still miss them all until now...both people and animals.

When I did the recording for my vocals for this song, I had to stop a few times because I couldn't control myself from the emotion. Tears running down from my eyes. My producer Greg really noticed this in my vocal performance and he gave his compliments saying that it was my best vocal performance yet. Although I wasn't thinking about that at all during the recording. I was just so into the lyrics of the song that moved me so much.

I am sure many of you may have similar situation in your own lives. This song is not only about losing someone you love because of death. This song has a universal message about losing someone you love in any circumstances but still keeping the hope that we will meet them again one day.For the time being, life goes on and we all have to carry on with our lives...