Andrew  V John

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Andrew Farstar is a singer and songwriter from Australia. His music has been likened to Toto and Michael Buble meet Air Supply, being a blend of Jazz, Pop and more.


However, being “Unique & Eclectic” is really his trademark. He can uniquely style his voice from gentle to strong, from pop to  operatic, handling a variety of musical styles. His rendition of some famous cover songs are the proof that he is also able to make those songs his own.

Farstar’s music videos have attracted thousands of views on YouTube and his songs have received 1,500+ airplays on radio stations in Europe and North America. He also received rave reviews from several prominent music blogs and magazines including No Depression and Skope Magazine.



Farstar lost some of his family members and close friends in differing circumstances in recent years. The latest loss was his brother-in-law and a lady friend who died of cancer in late 2015.

“It was like a slap on my face, reminding me how short life is…” says Andrew, who is also a former church musician. He is now driven to rise above these tragedies and pursue a career in music.

His own composition “Goodbye Is Not Forever” was inspired by all the losses he experienced, while the other song “Unforgettable” was inspired by the arrival of new people in his family’s life giving us hope for the future. These two very different moods / styles are the manifestation of his versatility.

As a legally blind person, Farstar plays the piano and keyboard by ear. Born in Asia, Farstar grew up surrounded by music. His father played the violin in a local band, contributing to his musical journey.

After releasing 3 EPs and 2 Singles in 2016, and with thousands of YouTube views and radio airplays in Europe and North America, Farstar is finally releasing his debut self-titled album in early 2017.