Andrew  V John

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What would losing loved ones in differing circumstances plus losing your vision in just a short few years do to a person? The answer may vary, but for Andrew Farstar, these personal tragedies have been his driving force to pursue a career in music.


“It was like a slap on my face, reminding me how short life is…” says Andrew who lost his brother in law and a lady friend (both from cancer) in late 2015.


Andrew Farstar has natural talent in music, that is for sure. But what makes him unique is his approach to music itself. He has quite a varied repertoire ranging from Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Classical Crossover and EDM. He can effortlessly perform all these genres of music showcasing his vocal abilities to craft his music which more like an art form.


To add to his uniqueness, he can also sing in different languages. So far he has sung in English, Italian, Japanese and Chinese. All by memorizing the words.


Up to now Andrew has thousands of Youtube views on his music videos, thousands of airplays on radio stations in Europe and North America, and rave reviews from several prominent blogs & media.


Apart from composing and writing his songs, Andrew also loves producing cover songs that he turns into his own. Overall, his music still gravitates towards the Adult Contemporary side as a blend of Michael Buble and Air Supply.


Born and grown up in Asia to a father who used to play violin as a hobby, influences his love for music. Though later on he was involved a lot with church music, his passion for mainstream music is alive and well.


In his music production, Andrew takes the lead role in determining what sound that he wants to create. His debut album was released in early 2017 which then followed by a few singles. His cover songs of “When You Look in My Eyes”, “I Don’t Want to Lose Your Love” and “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” are some of his popular songs on Spotify, gaining thousands of listeners from all over the world.


If you follow Andrew Farstar’s music journey, you can expect the unexpected and surprises along the way. One may never know what sort of music he will release next which makes it exciting.




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